Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Sharing Is Caring : Braxton Hicks Contractions

1st off all, kami bertiga are getting better walaupun masing2 punya hidung msh 'berlagu' dek kerana flu. last 2 nights, maktok hana called.. insyaallah nk dtg sblm puasa utk amik hana bawak blk kg. lately dok fikir.. klu bersalin siang takpe lg cos blh letak hana kt taska waktu siang tp klu bersalin mlm mcm dulu mana nk letak hana? tentu eddy kelam kabut dgn nk antar ke hospital, kelek anak ke hulu ke hilir lg. mungkin nnti lps discharge hospital.. eddy, afne & adik baby trs zoommm ke kg. tp klu hana blk kg dulu.. rindu la sayaaaaaaa!!! dan hana.. blh ke tido mlm tanpa ketiak ibu? tak nangis ke dia? mcm2 dh pikir ni huhu..

ok la.. entry kalini nk share info psl braxton hicks. korg pernah alami tak? masa preggy hana dulu seawal 3rd trimester/7 months afne dh rasa. sekali dia sentap mau senak juga menahan terutamanya bila makin hampir dgn edd. preggy kalini start kena masa dh masuk 8 bln lbh tp sejak dh masuk 36 weeks/9 months ni & kepala baby dh engange makin kuat terasa. kadang gerak skit dh cegang semacam kt perut & tut. bila kena time tgh jln rasa cam nk pegang tut je sbb mcm terasa ada benda berat kt situ hehe..

You may have heard this funny phrase before you were pregnant, but now you really want to know what it means. It all started in 1872 when an English doctor, John Braxton Hicks, described the contractions that occur before real labor. Can you imagine constantly thinking,"This must be it," and then it wasn't. Doctors and pregnant women have Dr. Hicks to thank for clearing up all the confusion. The following information will help you determine when you are having “the real thing” or Braxton Hicks contractions.

What are Braxton Hicks contractions?

Braxton Hicks contractions can begin as early as the second trimester, however they are most common in the third trimester. The muscles of your uterus tighten for approximately 30 to 60 seconds or as long as 2 minutes. Braxton Hicks are also called “practice contractions” because they will prepare you for the real thing and you can practice the breathing exercises you are learning in your childbirth classes.
Braxton Hicks are described as:
  • Irregular in intensity
  • Infrequent
  • Unpredictable
  • Non-rhythmic
  • More uncomfortable than painful
  • They do not increase in intensity, or frequency
  • They taper off and then disappear altogether
If your contractions are easing up in any way, they are most likely Braxton Hicks.

What causes Braxton Hicks contractions?

There are a few speculations for why women have these contractions. Some physicians and midwives think they may play a part in toning the uterine muscle and promoting the flow of blood to the placenta. They are not believed to have any connection with dilating the cervix, but may have some effect on the softening of the cervix. However, as Braxton Hicks contractions become more intense closer to the time of delivery, the contractions are considered false labor, which can help in the dilation and effacement process.

What triggers Braxton Hicks contractions?

The following are triggers of Braxton Hicks:
  • When you or the baby are very active
  • If someone touches your belly
  • When your bladder is full
  • After sex
  • Dehydration

What can I do to alleviate Braxton Hicks contractions?

  • Change positions; lie down if you have been standing or go for a walk if you have been sitting or laying
  • Take a warm bath for 30 minutes or less
  • Drink a couple of glasses of water, because contractions may be brought on by dehydration
  • Drink a warm cup of herbal tea or milk
If doing any of these does not alleviate your contractions, you should contact your health care provider.
taken from http://www.americanpregnancy.org/labornbirth/braxtonhicks.html


Diana@Mama Adam Mukhriz said...

alahai BH ni mcm bg false2 alarm gitu yer afne??

Afne said...

yg afne rasa mcm contraction jugak tarik few seconds then hilang. mula rasa sekali/2 kali sehari then makin kerap day by day. masa deliver hana @ 37 weeks dulu mmg tak sangka itu real contractions sbb dh terbiasa kena BH since 7 months.

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